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Welcome to TAPNET

TAPNET is a new peer assistance program designed to assist chemical dependency counselors struggling with substance abuse and mental health disorders in returning to healthy functioning so they may safely continue to practice. TAPNET was created as a non-punitive, confidential, and voluntary alternative to reporting counselors to DSHS or TCB. TAPNET is an independently incorporated 501.c.3. TAPNET operates as an approved peer assistance program by DSHS.

Why do I Need Access to a Peer Assistance Program?

The Texas Legislature enacted legislation requiring a licensed chemical dependency counselor or counselor intern provide written documentation indicating that he or she has access to a DSHS approved peer assistance program in order to obtain or renew a license. The new law also provides that the state may issue or renew a license to a person convicted or placed on community supervision for certain drug or alcohol offenses provided that the applicant or license holder successfully complete the participation in a peer assistance program.As of September 2012, DSHS has added a surcharge of $10 to the initial license fee and the renewal fee for LCDCs. This surcharge will be used to fund an approved peer assistance program for LCDC’s and counselor interns.



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