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TAPNET Mission

TAPNET provides opportunities for recovery from substance use and mental health disorders and assists counseling professionals in returning to safe practice while protecting the public and promoting professional accountability.



TAPNET's vision is to promote recovery from substance use and mental health disorders for addiction counseling professionals of Texas. 


Welcome to TAPNET

TAPNET is a peer assistance program designed to assist chemical dependency counselors struggling with substance abuse and mental health disorders in returning to healthy functioning so they may safely continue to practice. TAPNET was created as a non-punitive, confidential, and voluntary alternative to reporting counselors to DSHS or TCB. TAPNET is an independently incorporated 501(c)(3).

The philosophy of the TAPNET is that addiction and mental illness are chronic illnesses and relapse may occur. It is the profession’s responsibility to protect the clients and support the rehabilitation of the impaired professional. A tremendous amount of money and training are invested in developing professionals to work with the chemically dependent and mentally ill. To allow the loss of his or her services without a concerted effort to rehabilitate them to healthy functioning would go against the belief that people can and do get better. These individuals can be assisted to return to full functioning with the use of peer assistance and monitoring to protect both the public and the integrity of the counseling field.

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