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TAPNET Eligibility

  • In order to participate in the program, you must be a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselors (LCDC), Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor Intern (LCDC-CI), or hold a TCB Certification (AAC, ADC, CPS, CCJP, CCGC, CCS, CCDS). 

  • Students working in or pursuing a career in chemical dependency counseling may also be eligible.

  • Eligibility includes those who self-refer or are referred through other avenues and are determined to be impaired and needing assistance.  The diagnoses that will be accepted shall include DSM-IV TR mental health and substance abuse or dependence criteria.

  •  The TAPNET program maintains confidentiality consistent with state and federal laws.

  •  Participation in TAPNET is voluntary.

TAPNET Services

  • TAPNET monitor's a participant's recovery via their compliance with treatment recommendations, return to work restrictions, attendance at self-help meetings, and random drug tests.  Each participant will be assigned to a case manager/advocate to help them through the process.

  • Program participants are responsible for the costs of treatment and drug screens, in addition to an enrollment fee.

  • Participants who fail to comply with all TAPNET requirements may be reported to DSHS and/or TCB.

  • TAPNET will assist participants by outlining facilities for evaluation and referral; encouraging and supporting the individual to enter treatment as necessary, monitoring participants' rehabilitation and re-entry to the workplace.

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